You can download the latest release of media touch here. Just extract the zip file on your machine and run it. In the Options page, choose the directory you want media touch to search for music and hit the search button. Please note that you are free to use this software for personal purposes. For commercial use, please contact me.

Coming up soon (June 2010)... I'm currently working on the following features:

  • Web interface for uploading whole albums and single music files;
  • New library editing possibilities enabled by new web interface;
  • Installer deliveries.

Latest additions

  • - Loading screen while loading albums;
  • - Improved skinnability;
  • - Close button, changed options tab (press > 1 sec. to open);
  • - Skinning of all items possible;
  • - New appearance of scrollbars;
  • - First step towards skinning;
  • - Added repeat button and ability to easily replay a finished album;
  • - Ability to remove albums from the library;
  • - Play / pause button;
  • - Password protection of options page;
  • - On screen keypad for passwords;
  • - Automatic import from USB drive when a USB drive is inserted;
  • - Resizable UI;
  • - Added FLAC support for lossless audio;
  • - Integrated lookup of covers and artist images on google;
  • - Lowered memory usage
Size : 1007 Kb
Type : zip
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